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28° 8' N 86° 51 E is the first release from ZELT. The 192kbps files can be downloaded
free of charge below. For full bitrate audio, or to contribute towards further releases
by buying limited edition hand-printed artwork, see ARTWORK section below.



ZELT is the most recent collaboration in a long association between D Adams and P Seddon.
The first release 28° 8' N 86° 51 E, which was completed in early 2012, is the culmination
of several years of systematic improvisation and layering on home recording equipment –
creating a complex and densely textured 40 minute piece in four parts. The music
and accompanying artwork are inspired by the travails of the early Everest pioneers.

The duo will be beginning a new ZELT project in late 2012.


A limited edition map-folded piece of artwork has been created in conjunction with
the release. The editions are signed and numbered and are strictly limited to a run
of 100. The artwork is hand silkscreen-printed in cyan and white on GF Smith Colourplan
board and newsprint, and available in the two colours shown below.

All funds generated will be used directly to aid future productions. The cost of the artwork
is £20 including postage within the UK (please email for international postage rates).
The package also includes full CD-quality sound files. Click the Paypal link to purchase.
(Compressed 192kbps MP3 files are available free of charge via Soundcloud and LastFM).


Alternatively you can make a donation and help fund the next ZELT release.
This way we are able to keep the music freely available.