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For four days in late August, 2015, the ZELTmusik mobile studio decamped to the Wyche Cutting on
the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border in order to capture a short piece of music written and recorded
in situ, in a limited amount of time. The piece, in four parts, entitled 'Zelt at the British Camp',
includes archive elements inspired by the locality and field recordings from the area.

Music can be freely streamed from this page or via Soundcloud, Spotify etc. The first 100 copies of
each track are available for free download from Soundcloud, alternatively, you can purchase from iTunes,
Amazon and the usual online outlets.

Release date: 07/12/15
Cat no.: TWH003
Running time : 11'50"



pseddon@zelt.org.uk; dadams@zelt.org.uk; booking@thingsworthhearing.com; press@thingsworthhearing.com

Happily, the future of recorded music is free, but unfortunately the technology to
make and distribute it isn't – so please consider making a small donation via PayPal
to help fund the next release, or contact us if you are able to assist in helping
ZELT's music reach a wider audience.


All tracks (p) & (c) 2015 Adams/Seddon c/o thingsworthhearing.