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Beached Whale b/w Ghost in the Machine is the second ZELT release, and the first from a
series of edited and augmented improvisations recorded, one per week, over a period of
nine months in the new ZELTmusik studio.

The 192kbps files can be downloaded free of charge below, or directly from Soundcloud
or LastFM. Please contact us if you would like uncompressed audio files.



pseddon@zelt.org.uk; dadams@zelt.org.uk; booking@thingsworthhearing.com; press@thingsworthhearing.com

Happily, the future of recorded music is free, but unfortunately the technology to
make and distribute it isn't – so please consider making a small donation via PayPal
to help fund the next release, or contact us if you are able to assist in bringing
the music reach a wider audience.


All tracks (p) & (c) 2015 Adams/Seddon c/o thingsworthhearing.