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2016 marks the 25th anniversary of Phil Seddon and Dave Adams's musical partnership. The 'Birthday' release
has been written and recorded to celebrate this milestone by inviting frequent collaborator (and next longest
serving member) Nathan Grainger to add words and voice to two new tracks exploring the themes of ageing
and reflecting on the past.

Opening track, Diminishing Returns, also features guest performances from Reiner Hess and Mike Amorosa, two
Berlin-based musicians. Reiner is a leading light of the Berlin 'free jazz' scene, and this is his first recorded
collaboration with Mike Amorosa, an upcoming 'ugly free' talent. Phil recorded a full session with the duo
earlier in the year and plans to release/remix the material in collaboration with sludge/ambient/drone ethusiast
and former NTS DJ, Ghooostdad on TWH in 2017. More information about Reiner's many live incarnations can be found
on his website — reinerhess.de

The 'Birthday' release can be freely streamed from this page or via Soundcloud, Spotify etc. The first 100 copies
of each track will be available for free download from Soundcloud, alternatively, you can purchase from iTunes,
Amazon and the usual online outlets.

Release date: 13/12/16
Cat no.: TWS004
Running time : 11'00"



pseddon@zelt.org.uk; dadams@zelt.org.uk; booking@thingsworthhearing.com; press@thingsworthhearing.com

Happily, the future of recorded music is free, but unfortunately the technology to
make and distribute it isn't – so please consider making a small donation via PayPal
to help fund the next release, or contact us if you are able to assist in helping
ZELT's music reach a wider audience.


All tracks (p) & (c) 2016 Adams/Seddon/Grainger c/o thingsworthhearing.